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Guest Article Submission Guidelines

About The Critical Tourist

The Critical Tourist is a website focused on thought-provoking travel content.

Its aim is to provide nuanced perspectives on global issues and destinations to foster greater cultural understanding.

Our mission is to offer engaging and insightful discussions that critically examine various social, economic and political contexts of the places we visit.

What we're looking for

I welcome original submissions that take an analytical lens to different aspects of the travel experience. Articles should offer meaningful assessments that consider multiple viewpoints. Popular recurring sections include destination deep dives, interviews, explorations of tourism impacts and profiles of socially-minded travelers.

Guidelines Length: 800-1200 words Tone: Respectful, balanced discussions of topics rather than one-sided opinions. Sources: Academic research, local perspectives and statistics aid critical analysis. Formatting: Structured writing with appropriate headings and citations. Originality: Not previously published online. Byline & Bio: 2-3 sentence bio with links should be included. Potential Topic Areas Cultural preservation issues in popular destinations Debates around overtourism and community impacts Profiles of responsible and sustainable tourism initiatives Geopolitical factors shaping regions and travel advisories Examinations of colonial legacies and reconciliation efforts Submission Process Please submit articles to me at as a Word document including your name and brief bio. While I cannot guarantee publication, I aim to provide feedback on submissions. Accepted pitches will be assigned for development to be considered for my site. I thank you for your interesting contributions and discussion.

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